Dog Training in Ridgeland

Dog Training Classes

In any healthy dog and human relationship, our dogs are naturally inclined to look to us for affirmation. From basic obedience to complex, competitive dog training, the possibilities for you and your intelligent pup are great.

Our experienced trainers will work with you to meet the goals for your dog and enhance the bond between you.

Obedience Training

We train dogs and their owners on the basics of obedience, from confidence in command and body language to positive reinforcement techniques. While your dog learns important sit-stay commands, how to walk on leash and simple tricks, he or she will also be learning to look to you to lead the pack.

Agility Training

Whether you’re interested in competing or are simply looking for a fantastic way to exercise your dog’s body and mind, our agility trainers will give you the tools you need. Agility training is an effective way to build strong bonds between dogs and owners, enhance communication and decrease boredom-related trouble behaviors.

Dock Diving

Our farm on Bees Creek Road is well-equipped with two pools and a dock for the canine athlete. Our dock diving classes include training in place-and-send and chase techniques, toy dive and methods for practicing on land.


If your dog has what it takes to be Dog Gone Sensational, we can help you turn them into ring-ready stars. Our conformation classes will prepare you and your pup for shows, teaching all you need to know from proper handling techniques to confidence in the ring.

Behavior Modification

If your dog has a bad habit that can’t be cured with basic dog training or has experienced trauma from a previous owner, our behavior training classes can help. Our experts know how to identify the cause of fearful behavior or aggression and work with you and your dog to change the way they process and react to triggers.

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